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Larry Hatlett
2nd Review of the Fins

I made a mistake in my other review. Because I am nearly 80, it proved difficult to put on these fins. But that is my problem. The fins (when my wife helped) were extremely comfortable and deserved a five-star rating.

Glen Titan
Topside Snorkel Fins - Men's

These are game changers - so much fun and I am not as worried about sting ray bites with these on

Coffee Snob
Best of the best

We are thrilled with our purchase of the fins for snorkeling -- the soft 'booties' are amazing and comfortable, so much better than a strap around the back of the heel. Just be sure to put them on when your feet are dry or it'll be tough to get them on -- no complaints though, that is not a flaw it's just the law of physics!

Jamie Fee
Total Game Changers!

These are by far the most comfortable fins I have ever worn in my life. No uncomfortable back straps or blisters to contend with anymore. That’s because these fins fit “like a glove” and they obviously used very high quality materials to create these fins. I have worn water shoes of all different price ranges and these fins are some of the best and most comfortable I have worn. I can set the family up with a beach umbrella “base”, put my fins on in the comfort of my chair, and walk normally across the sand into the ocean for some snorkeling. I would NEVER do the goofy, strap on fin walk down the beach or across the deck of a boat, and now I never have too anyway. Once in the water, I find that I get a lot of pop and acceleration from just a couple of kicks and I feel overall performance is on par with the myriad of much larger fins I have tried. That is because there is no slippage between the fin and my foot like I have found on every strap on fin and even other full foot designs. In making these fins great for walking around, they also made extremely efficient fins because of the amazing fit. They feel like a part of my feet, instead of something strapped to them. I am an Aqua Man in these fins and there is no going back to those old strap on slabs.