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Sand Escape
Beach Blanket

Sand Escape
Beach Blanket

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IT'S HUGE BUT COMPACT- Yes, you can actually fit the entire family on this oversized, 63 sq. ft. blanket. The integrated stuff sack with compression straps make it super portable and compact. Compressed Pouch is 6 inches X 7 inches. Put all your beach gear on this with no problem.

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  • XL 9' x 7' Spread
  • Integrated Stuff Sack
  • Compression Straps
  • Sand & Water Resistant
  • Portable & Compact
  • Anchor/Storage Pockets
  • Multifunctional


    "Wind can really turn a gorgeous beach day into a downer. Not only are you fighting against those little sand grains being picked up by the wind, but you also run the risk of all your stuff (including your towel) blowing away. This blanket is made with a slick parachute-like fabric that not only keeps sand from sticking to you, but it also has handy loops to help you anchor your towel down. Now, you won’t have to strategically pile stuff on the corners to hold it down." - USA Today



  • Quick Dry Parachute Nylon


  • 7" x 9" (unfolded)
  • 6" x 7" (unfolded)


  • 1.4 lbs | .60 kg


  • Machine Washable: Wash cold with like colors
  • Lay out to dry in between uses
  • Store in shaded space when not in use

Design Story.

  • Larger than Life.

    You can fit the whole crew on this oversized blanket. At 9'x7', the Sand Escape is over 20% bigger than most other beach blankets. More space also helps keep you and your valuable items sand free. Spread out on this huge oasis with room to spare.

  • Patented Anchor Pockets.

    The Sand Escape's patented design has four integrated corner pockets that you can fill to weigh the blanket down. These pockets are meant to be filled with sand, but can double as additional pockets for personal items. Between the anchors, any gear, and you - you won't have to worry about this blanket going anywhere.

  • Pack It Down.

    You'll barely notice it in your beach bag. Light and easy to pack into its integrated 5"x7" stuff sack, plus it's designed with compression straps for security. Take it anywhere that you might need a little ground cover, not just the beach.

  • Just Shake it Off.

    Made from ultra lightweight tear resistant nylon. Our beach blanket is made from strong, durable, lightweight, and breathable 100% parachute material. Water dries off easy, plus it's sand resistant. Just shake it off when you are done!