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The Palawan Snorkel vest is the perfect adjustable float assisting device. Inflate or deflate the snorkeling vest in seconds. Balanced flotation with secure lock and comfort fit. Designed for snorkeling, any leisure water activity and low impact sports.
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  • Balanced Flotation
  • Easy On/Off
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Comfort Materials
  • Secure Lock Valve
  • Snorkel Safe Design



  • Neoprene
  • 350D Nylon
  • Poly Webbing


  • S: 32-36" L x 19" W
  • M: 36-40" L x 20" W
  • L: 40-44" L x 21" W
  • XL: 44-48" L x 22" W


  • S: 1.1 lbs | .50 kg
  • M: 1.2 lbs | .54 kg
  • L: 1.3 lbs | .59 kg
  • XL: 1.4 lbs | .64 kg


  • Palawan is not certified as a life jacket or life preserver.
  • Use only if you know how to swim and have obtained instruction on proper use.
  • Be sure to take regular breaks while snorkeling.
  • Always follow the buddy rule: never snorkel alone.

      • STEP 1: Put on vest with air chamber in front of you and hook & loop closure on your left.

      • STEP 2: Inflate vest through valve. Please note that you may not need to inflate all the way. Air can be added or let out later based on how much buoyancy you desire.

      • STEP 3: Close hook & loop tab snugly, and clip in buckles.

      • STEP 4: Grab pull tabs on webbing and tighten until vest is snug. To test proper fit, pull up on shoulder straps lightly. If vest pulls up more than an inch or two, tighten vest more.

      • STEP 5: Tighten or loosen shoulder straps so that they sit flush on your shoulders and are not sticking up.


        • S / M: 200 lbs
        • L: 220 lbs
        • XL: 240 lbs


        • OPEN: To inflate or deflate vest, twist valve towards the open indicator, then press the valve down to inflate with mouth or let air out.
        • CLOSED: To stop inflation or deflation, let go of the top of the valve. The valve is spring loaded and will close automatically.
        • LOCKED: Once the desired amount of air is in chamber, twist valve away from the open indicator to lock. This prevents the valve from accidentally opening during use.

        TO CLEAN/CARE:

        • Thoroughly rinse with fresh water immediately after use in chlorinated or chemical treated pools.

        • Limit long exposure to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.

        • After use, rinse vest and hand wash in cool fresh water and dry in the shade.

        • Do not use solvents or other chemicals to remove stains or marks from your vest as this can cause damage.

Design Story.

  • Balanced Flotation.

    Designed to keep you upright and stable anytime you’re in the water, and balanced for activities like snorkeling and swimming. This means you won’t have to fight to stay in the position you want, whether you are actively snorkeling or resting in the water.

  • Quick Inflate & Deflate.

    Inflate or deflate in seconds. The secure lock valve is easy to open and close, fast to inflate, and secure while you’re active. Its ergonomic position allows you to adjust buoyancy on the fly. If you want less buoyancy simple unlock the valve and press down to let air out, or inflate to your desired level.

  • Safety & Style.

    Constructed from durable premium materials with your safety in mind. Other inflatable life vests on the market are uncomfortable, and definitely not stylish. With our vest you can be safe and not look like a fire hydrant! Our vest is a flotation aid that is perfect for any low impact sport like snorkeling, swimming, paddle-boarding.

  • The Right Fit.

    One size DOES NOT fit all. We designed our vest to be the most comfortable & compact inflatable life vest on the market. The single sided entry design allows you to quickly take the vest on or off. Available in 4 different sizes to provide the perfect fit. Tightens snugly around your waist, to avoid the vest riding up rather than using an annoying crotch strap.